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The Touchless.Design project is under development to create tools and techniques to aid in the creation of safe, touchless interactive exhibits. Touchless.Design will host a collection of open-source software, design approaches, hardware information, and other resources. These resources will be freely available to museums, libraries, cultural organizations, and other public institutions. Commercial entities will also be able to use them with some restrictions (see our Software License for full details).


We are currently working with the National Gallery of Art and other institutions to develop a prototype system. In addition, Touchless.Design has received funding from Intel as part of their Pandemic Response Technology Initiative. We will be posting articles on our progress this summer and releasing open-source software in the fall.


Touchless Design Open-Source Software Now Available

Zero Touch Software and a Hardware Add-On for Digital Exhibits

Touchless.Design Press Release

Ideum collaborates with the National Gallery of Art to develop a unique touchless exhibit prototype.

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